Swimming Pools Cape Town – About Us:

Today, we have built in excess of 65 000 pools country wide. We use only the highest quality approved products and the best pattern makers and engineers the industry has to offer. We accept that a satisfied client is a client for life and a happy staff member is a productive staff member. Our employees are a mix of seasoned and young professionals and we believe in equality and career advancement.

Swimming Pools Cape Town – Services:

Our services include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Pool Manufacturing – custom inground gunite and fibreglass swimming pools
  • Pool Installation – planned and designed with a specific client in mind
  • Pool Equipment – a one-stop source for pool supplies
  • Pool Repairs – any repairs of gunite and fibreglass swimming pools
  • Pool Servicing – to keep your pool sparkling and healthy
  • Pool Water Computerized Analysis – conducted while you wait with accurate results
  • Pool Design & Layout – complement your house, garden and personal taste
  • Extreme Conditions Pool Design – adept at designing pools to withstand environmental extremes
  • Up To Date Pool Technology & Equipment – state of the art technology and equipment

Swimming Pools Cape Town – Why Us?

  • Each member company is financially stable and selected through a strict process
  • We offers superior construction specifications and high standards of workmanship with a lifetime guarantee on the fibreglass shell
  • We have matchless engineering services, combined with quality materials, equipment and workmanship
  • Our pools are professionally designed, aesthetically, as well as structurally
  • We have built thousands of pools of almost every conceivable size, shape and type
  • You are assured of the most modern and up-to-date know-how and technology in the industry
  • We operate our business efficiently and can therefore give you more pool for your money
  • Our legacy guarantees that we will stay in business long enough to provide after sales service and support
  • We have won all top awards at various institutes, agricultural shows, large organisations and financial institutes
What Our Clients Are Saying

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